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Dancing Fields, 2022

Subtitle: Solid Gold! I had so much fun stitching this. It was challenging and so rewarding. I had a vision and I just knew I could do it. (Whew!) In my heart, as I was stitching, I hoped this would go to a home of someone with ties to the Ukraine. If not, that's fine too. I hope at the least, the person who receives this will think of this just as I did when I stitched it. I think of bread, and baking, food and sustinence, families sharing together around the table. I think of people feeling at ease and behing comfortable together. As it should be.




Medium: Fibre (freehand machine stitching on batik and hand dyed fabric).

Art Size: approx 5" × 7" / 13cm × 18cm

Frame Measurement: 9.5 x 11.5 inches / 24 x 29 cm

Frame: solid wood

Colour: white with slight wood grain evident

Matting: single, cinnamon/nutmeg (The mat is definitely more brown, NOT orange or pumpkin). The detailed angled image is more colour accurate.

Glass: standard

Signed by artist, dated, wired to hang.


Original Art


All thread paintings of this size are signed by hand with needle and thread by Monika, in the lower corner of the embroidery.


Care Instructions


Avoid permanent display in direct sunlight. Clean glass with a dry cloth. If using a cleaner, spray the cloth instead of the glass to avoid damaging the matting and artwork.


Small Footprint


I ship my artwork in clean, repurposed cardboard and packing marterials whenever I can. This means you will find bubble wrap that I choose not to throw away, and silly looking boxes on occasion. There's no harm in that. The most important thing in our transaction is that your art arrives in great condition. I do ask that you repurpose my materials if you are able as well.


Thank you for your interest in my work!

Monika Kinner

Treaty 6 Territory

Saskatoon SK Canada

Dancing Fields, 2022

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