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Hot Day in July, 2022

You know the kind... blue sky, pure green as far as the eye can see, and that YELLOW that never fails to thrill the spirit every summer, over and over again like we've never seen anything like it before.

Materials/ Method: Yarn embroidery, needle felting. Straight stitching, French knots.



Art measures 4.5" x 3" / 12cm x 8cm

Frame measures 5" x 6.5" / 13cm x17cm

Wired to hang.

Original Art, signed and dated on back.

Care Instructions:

Leave as is. Avoid wiping or any form of contact with the surface fibres. If needed, textile art can be cleared of dusted by using a blow dryer on low. Hang in a place free of excessive moisture or debris.

Hot Day in July, 2022

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