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Scarlet Mallow at the Roadside, 2022


I haven't seen mallow very often. It was once near Beaver Creek Conservation Area, while walking along the roadside that I spied the most incredible coral pink orange blush apricot... I can't describe it, but ill never forget it! I'm accustomed to varieties of purples, whites, and yellows on the prairie, with occasions of red or pink. This was outstanding.

Materials/ Method: Yarn embroidery, needle felting.



Art measures 4.5" x 6.5" / 12cm x 17 cm

Frame measures 7" x 9" / 18cm x23cm

Wired to hang.

Original Art, signed and dated on back.

Care Instructions:

Leave as is. Avoid wiping or any form of contact with the surface fibres. If needed, textile art can be cleared of dusted by using a blow dryer on low. Hang in a place free of excessive moisture or debris.

Scarlet Mallow at the Roadside, 2022

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