Red Samphire on Valley Road, 2021

One of my favourite source photos comes from a turn off on Valley Road, heading to the river in late summer. The ripe cut butter-yellow stubble in the distance contrasted with the red in thd foreground was stunning when you are used to seeing green and gold continually all summer. Red samphire, I have learned, is a salt marsh plant, and so it's often found near edges of ditches or sloughs near crops. (That's all I know.)




Medium: Soft (dry) Pastel on Pastelmat

Size: Art measures 9 x 13 inches

Frame measures 10.5 x 14.5 inches

Frame: solid wood

Colour: White

Glass: Non-glare


This is Original Art. Signed by artist, wired to hang, titled and dated on back.


Care Instructions

Like oil paints, these high quality pigments are extremely colourfast. To clean the glass, use a dry polishing cloth.


Small Footprint

I ship my artwork in clean, repurposed cardboard and packing marterials whenever I can. This means you will find bubble wrap and silly looking boxes on occasion. There's no harm in that. The most important thing in our transaction is that your art arrives in great condition. I do ask that you repurpose my materials if you are able as well.


Thank you for your interest in my work!

Monika Kinner

Treaty 6 Territory Saskatoon SK Canada

The Whole Bunch, 2021