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Winter Dreams, 2021
I find the season of winter to be absolutely beautiful and magical. The pinks and blues are so soft and pretty. If you'll notice in the close up images, the fibres used for the snow on the ground appropriately sparkle. It may be cold, but visually, winter warms my heart.

Materials/ Method: Yarn embroidery, hand stitched winter landscape.

* 2019?? Yes, 2019. I stitched this for a shop at the tail end of 2019, just prior to the pandemic closing everything down.   That shop was closed for a very long period of time throughout 2020, and so here this piece sits, in my studio. It needs a loving home.

Art measures 4.5" x 4.5" / 12cm x 12 cm
Frame measures 6.5 " x 6.5" / 17cm x1 7cm
Wired to hang.
Original Art, signed and dated on back.
Care Instructions:
Leave as is. Avoid wiping or any form of contact with the surface fibres. If needed, textile art can be cleared of dusted by using a blow dryer on low. Hang in a place free of excessive moisture or debris.

Winter Dreams, 2019

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