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Ukrainian Postcards Project

4"x6" Fabric Art Postcards to support Ukrainian people affected by war are available in the gift shop at the Ukrainian Museum of Canada, 910 Spadina Cres E in Saskatoon.


The purpose for the postcards is to write messages of love and support on the back, and mail them off to Canadian Ukrainian friends or family who are emotionally impacted by the ongoing devastation. These are available with a cash donation of $20CAD or more to the Ukrainian Canadian Congress, an organization chosen by the Museum to be the recipient of all funds raised by these beautiful one of a kind Postcards.


*** More Fabric Art Postcards are needed all the time! If you would like to make some to donate, I have a tutorial on my YouTube Channel for Basic Construction. The Postcards for this project should be either Yellow & Blue (Ukrainian flag colours) or Sunflower themed (Ukraine's flower). Here's the link to my tutorial!


Once you have some made, contact me for my mailing address.

I will receive, catalogue, package, and deliver the postcards to the Gift Shop as they arrive from all over Canada and beyond. Thank you so much!


125+ postcards donated

500.oo+ CAD$ donated


And more than the money, you have brought love and support to many. Thank YOU.

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