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I offer Zoom or In Person Lectures w Trunk Show and Q&A for guilds and groups. Topics include:


'Late Bloomer: How I Discovered Fibre Art' That's right. I learned to thread a machine at age 40. I talk about what inspires me and how I create my threadpaintings.

'I Cross the Line: Sharing Textile Art within the Fine Art Community' My story as a fibre artist who doesn't hang out exclusively with Fibre Art groups. This is covers my journey into textile art from the perspective of being an artist first. I strongly feel that fibre should be valued equally as an art medium alongside all other mediums.

'Fibre Art with Children & Other Wonderous Things' This one is uplifting and inspiring. For teachers and grandmothers alike, I offer examples of simple ways you can introduce textiles to make positive impressions in various situations. Joyful and very heartwarming stories. 

'Adventures in Public Art Projects' Good if you're looking for consultation or inspiration for upcoming projects or ideas. I am excellent at brainstorming and troubleshooting, and can offer ideas on larger projects, keeping in mind themes, inclusivity, environmental responsibility, weather, and budget or lack of. Slideshow available.

'Textile Art as a Tool for Personal Story Telling' Examples of opportunities I've had to provide Textile Art workshops as a tool to overcome language, social, and self esteem barriers. Impactful and uplifting.This can be helpful for womens groups, youth groups, etc. Consider having me come in as a guest artist for a project with your group.

Simply email me to inquire. 

CARFAC Artist Fees may apply.

Thank you!

I've been teaching creative sewing classes in western Canada since 2009.  I can bring a class to you or you add your name to my waitlist for Saskatoon classes.  My local workshops are usually in the fall and spring. ALL classes are appropriate for every skill level, from advanced to 'how do you thread this thing?'.  I ensure that everyone begins with the same information and ends with the same skill set regardless of expertise or lack thereof.  The goals of my classes are inspiration, information, and the ability to creating something beyond what you thought you were capable of.

Classes include:

Threadpainting Project
5 hrs


Learn the free motion machine embroidery techniques that I use, how to set up & manipulate the sewing machine, as well as tips and trouble shooting. Working from selected photographs, I will guide you to understand what you are looking at in terms of executing stitch, as well as specific techniques of shading, cross hatching, blending, and long & short stitches.  Go beyond simply 'colouring in' a picture.


This is a very fun, experimental class.  You will learn easy construction for trouble-free mailing.  You will be given themes and plenty of fabric options to spur your creativity.  You will learn how to use your machine in a more creative way as you make your postcards.  A variety of finishing methods and backing options will be shown.  This class works well for small or large groups.

Creative Quilted Postcards
4 hrs
Silk Ribbon
Floral Embroidery
3 hrs


With just a few simple and highly versatile embroid-ery stitches, learn to create gorgeous silk ribbon flowers. Learn tips and tricks for stitching with silk.  Silk ribbon work is a slow, delicate, and sculptural process.  We will have live models (fresh flowers) on site and all pieces created in class can be stretched and framed as finished work.

Letting the Yarn Speak

5 hrs

In this class you will learn basic embroidery stitches, variations of them, and experiment with yarn as a medium for stitch.  Explore how each stitch presents itself as a brushstroke of paint. Working with variegated yarns, we learn to let their textures and colours guide the stitch choices we make as we fill in space.  All materials provided. No experience with drawing or stitching necessary,

From Sketch 
to Stitch
2 day Workshop


Exploring colour combinations and patterns, we will collect sketches from our natural surroundings that will serve as 'patterns' for the weekend project. You will be recreating your personal drawings with a gorgeous variety of yarns from around the world. There will be demonstration for markmaking and guidance through sketching (no artistic experience necessary). Traditional stitch options will be shown and altered in creative ways.  We will learn fillers and backgrounds, and end with mounting, framing and presentation ideas. This is a very tactile, hands on and colourful course that promises to excite and inspire you.

ALL supplies provided.


In the Classroom
Fibre Art for Kids
1 class to 1/2 day


Teachers - book me for the classroom!  Did you know that almost every country in the world teaches some form of textile art to children as part of their education system? Fibre art is tactile, creative, and a wonderful way to work the hands.  I offer a variety of developmentally appropriate creative stitching projects for elementary school classrooms: preschool to preteens, all abilities.

Getting the Most
Out of Your Photos
2 hrs or 1 hr Lecture


Have you ever snapped images of beautiful scenery, and then later while viewing thought with great disappointment, 'that's not at all what it looked like.'  I will walk you through my own photo stages, sharing tips and tricks to bring out the best of your crappy cell phone pics or not quite right images.  Bring back that beauty and discover how to get the most of your photos.



9 hrs (3 classes of 3hrs)

In this class you will learn basic embroidery stitches, several variations of each, and experiment with yarn as a medium for stitch.  Much time will be spent repeating and perfecting single stitches as you build your mandala / kaleidoscope.  It is a fantastic way to understand symmetry while engaging in experimental serendipity (no patterns used).  Learn tips, tricks, finishing and framing. All materials provided. No experience preferred,

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